Maintenance manual

Wool is a 100% natural material. Therefore, woolen clothes are very skin-friendly, breathable and heat-regulating. Because wool is light, airy and has good thermal conductivity, woolen products are suitable for wearing in all seasons. Wool fibers are covered with natural sebum, which is why woolen clothes do not get dirty so easily.

  • We recommend gentle hand washing.
  • But it can also be washed in a washing machine with a wool wash program.
  • It is recommended that the temperature of the washing water be up to 30° and use only a mild detergent for wool.
  • Centrifuging and tumble drying are prohibited!
  • Spread out to dry. If your knitwear has come out of the frame during washing, it is possible to give it the desired shape again when it is wet
  • Do not iron, because ironing compresses the wool fibers and thus the material may lose its good properties.
  • Light steaming is allowed so that the knitwear retains its original appearance and good properties.
  • Don’t wash your woolen clothes too often, just let them air out after use and the wool will regenerate itself.

Wool is a miracle of nature and with proper care, your knitwear will last a very long time.